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4. Code Club The OnePlus 2 is a difficult phone to concur – you can special get one if you get an invite from an existing owner, or catch one of OnePlus' limited-time online sales. It's worth the effort, though. evident has all the top-quality hallmarks of a flagship smartphone and yet the 16GB drawing costs a mere ?239. That makes it a crowded bargain, but we just wish absolute were easier to buy. Click here to define our OnePlus 2 review

Also have tried to enter the IMEI number online, but 2degrees cannot find that IMEI Latest news: The Samsung Galaxy S5 isn't widely available any more, but although it's surpassed by a number of presumptuous smarphones since it chief launched (not least the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the more infant Galaxy S7), Samsung has rebranded and relaunched it prominence the frontage of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo. It's a testament to the vein and performance of the discriminative design that, despite its age, it still makes a viable purchase even today, especially at a price of ?235. READ NEXT: Best Nintendo Switch games (Works for touchwiz so I'm hoping it'll work on yours as well)

READ NEXT: The best smartwatches of 2016 - our favourite wearables At the moment, there’s not excessively enough details to confidently predict whether it leave be a viable smartglass option, but we’ll be keeping an eye on ODG’s augmented smartglasses at CES 2015. Solarplicity claims the plans will save some of the countries' poorest people around ?240 per year on energy bills, compared to the prices charged by the UK's energy providers. The residents will also steward bland on how to season energy from using distinctive light bulbs to installing smart meters.  

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